Tip: Tech Support

If you have a struggling reader in your home, don’t let them miss out on high quality literature! There are so many well-known titles that have been uploaded to e-readers and audio apps that it’s easy to find one thats affordable and user friendly! Audible for Android, iBooks for iPhone, and kids.learnoutloud.com, are just a few of my favorites that include options for all ages. I recommend using the hard copy in conjunction with the audio book for the best comprehension and literacy experience. You can also record new or unknown words in a vocabulary journal for added support!

Getting Ready for College?

I now offer individualized SAT/ACT prep tutoring! Having a one-on-one program designed specifically to your strengths and weaknesses can help you improve your score in much less time than a tutoring center that offers a one-size-fits-all approach. I look forward to helping your achieve your goals!

Tip: Warm Up Your Mind

Much like a pre-workout stretch, warming up the mind before reading will strengthen comprehension! For example, when reading a lengthy text, pay attention to chapter titles and headings. Wondering about the title and/or heading meaning, engages your thought process immediately, allowing for deeper understanding. This is a great strategy for readers of all levels.

Tip: The Earlier, The Better!

If your child shows signs of a reading disability, don’t hesitate to seek help from a licensed reading professional. “Watching and waiting” can be detrimental to a student’s progress. Research proves that the earlier an intervention is put in place for a struggling reader, the greater the chance of long term reading success.

Tip: Get your mind fresh!

School is back in session! Get your mind as fresh as your new clothes! Using post-it notes to record main points is a great strategy to keep you engaged as you read difficult text or new information. Not only is it a great way to increase reading comprehension, but it’s a great study skill as well! Happy reading!

It’s Summer Vacation!

Summer is here, and it’s a great time to catch up on a lot of fun, rest, and relaxation! To prevent summer reading loss, don’t forget to choose a great book to take along on vacation. Scholastic.com is a great resource that can be used to look up book titles and reading levels. Have a safe and fun summer!

Tip: Did you know that your language matters?

When having discussion with your children about his or her reading performance, it is important to be aware of the kind of language you’re using. This directly impacts his or her confidence as a reader and can make all the difference in his or her attempt to improve. For example, instead of correcting mistakes during reading like, “that says, can’t not, cat,” try saying, “take a look at this again; I bet you can figure out that word.” Also, using positive encouragement goes a long way. If your child struggles with reading, they’re often used to hearing negative remarks and corrections. Remind them of what they’re doing right!

Tip: Read together!

Spending time reading to your children is extremely valuable. When children are exposed to a variety of books and quality literature, their language experience develops. Unfamiliar words, proper language structure, and new concepts are revealed. In addition, modeling proper vocal intonation and fluent reading can support reading development as well. So pick out a book, spend time reading with your child, and have fun!


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